Don't we all have a new relationship with our respective couches? Viral Solitude is an e-zine created and edited by Bader AlBader and Christine Hwang of the Planning and Architecture Research Group (P+ARG) at the University of Michigan's Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. We wish to thank the contributors for their creative generosity. We also wish to thank Taru, María Arquero de Alarcón, and Joel Batterman for serving as the zine's reading and review committee.

If you're wondering what our call for submissions looked like, here it is:

If you have any thoughts on couch potatoing* in the age of COVID, submit your short piece to our e-zine Viral Solitude!

*Feel free to submit in the form of poetry, renderings, drawings, videos, essays, short stories, creative non-fiction, or any other mediums that can be uploaded onto a website. Update us on your relationship to your couch** as it now stands (sits?).

** Couches are red, sofas are blue,
    Witty or sweet, it's up to you

Email your spuds to by 11:59 pm on Sunday, May 10.